Indianhairvendor was established in the Tamilnadu, Chennai in 2002. Our organisation was founded due to the ever expanding need for 100% Indian Remy hair extensions. We commenced with the determination to be the world’s finest wholesale human Indian hair vendors company by allowing superior products and services through various platforms. Our company built upon the following principle:

  • Leveraging technology to make beauty accessible.
  • Quality- We provides high-quality hair that meets or exceeds consumer expectations.
  • Life Style- Our brand will be an integral of the user’s personal style.Company Profile

It was 2008 when every nation in the world witnessed a prominent economic disaster of our time. Every wholesale virgin hair vendors understand that majority of people cannot afford the expensive Indian Remy hair extensions no more. That moment our marketing team came up with an extraordinary conclusion that, if we can directly distribute our products we will be able to provide a very competitive price to our clients internationally that would not hurt their bank. Indian hair vendor’s this approach of selling the high-end product at wholesale price rate resulted in the company becoming amongst the countries leading wholesale virgin hair vendors.


Hair has been synonymous with elegance both for men and women. Hair is Gods precious gift and is essential as the other elements of the body. A person without hair on his head is described as bald; this leads to an inability system. From the 1980s we have seen a huge increase in the sector of Indian Remy hair extensions and now it stands a business totalling more than 1000 million dollars (export business worldwide). We are wholesale hair Vendor Company from India and want to present you some information regarding the history of these business phenomena.

The export of long hair from India was a pretty large business since the 1960’s and the demand was significantly huge so that the costs continued on escalating to a pretty high level considering the amount of supply was insufficient. In 1970 the Japanese found out the artificial hair, it was inexpensive and can be produced to every length. Due to this the complete business of Indian hair vendors more or less deflated for the following ten years. Nevertheless, in the mid 80’s consumers following applying the artificial hair for a prolonged time, clients realised that the natural hair even though the cost is considerably huge – beneficial in quality and comfort in natural hair extension is unparallel compared to synthetic hair. So the demand for human hair in India started picking up.

How can India export so much hair you ask?

India is a nation dominated by a tremendous religious population of Hindus. Hinduism is an astonishing religion consisting of numerous myths and theories in the name of faith. One such belief in Hinduism is devoting one’s hair in the name of God. The story behind it goes like this. As legend has it, Vishnu — an avatar of God and the Preserver of the World — carried out a loan in order to finance for his marriage. But Vishnu’s loan was so large that it would take him thousands of years to pay off his debt. Now many devout Hindus help pay off Vishnu’s debt by offering the only thing they have their hair. Today people usually offer their hair to God when their wishes become true. It is a way of thanking God for donating one of the most crucial parts of the body since the God have granted the wish of the devotee. Today Tirupati temple individually collect more than 1.5 tonnes of hairs every week, which then transported to very hair processing factories like ours to export them each and every continent.

India currently exports up to $ 1,339 million worth of human hair each year. With a population of roughly 1.3 billion people, of which just over 600 million are women, India absolutely has the potential to provide human hair at a global level. India is the foremost exporter of a human hair. Indian hair is acknowledged to be fine, shiny and free from chemical processing making it fitting for manufacturing Ponytail Extension, Lace Wigs, Machine Weft, Clip In Extension etc..

The history of the hair business was very encouraging and we believe after considering huge market research we will see a huge expansion of this Indian Remy hair extensions business in the future.


Established in 2002, “Indian hair vendor” is one of the largest independent Indian Remy hair extension exporter company that has grown over several years. In mid-2002, after a prolonged search for the best place, we started our wholesale virgin hair vendor company at St. Thomas Mount, Chennai, Tamilnadu. Why Tamilnadu you ask?

From the centuries we perceive human hair scarifies is very common among Indian culture. A few years back we had asked a priest regarding this unique tradition, and he responded that hair is a symbolism of strength and pride. In earlier days, kings used to grow long hair to exhibit their power. So when a believer gets his or her head shaved for the sake of God, he or she is renouncing his pride and power.

Every wholesale hair vendor business needs hair as their raw element to produce Remy hair extensions and other hair commodities. Tamilnadu is the state of the temple and we all acknowledge that. Each day more than 40,000 devote worship gods by donating their hair in temples. As a wholesale virgin hair vendor company, our location provides us with an unparallel advantage to collect that hair each day throughout temples from Tamilnadu, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh. This hair we collect, directly shaved from donors scalp by exercising utmost caution so that root and tail don’t tangle together, these are known as Remy hair.

Sorting process:

Our concentration to detail is what departs the brand from its opponents as a standing wholesale human hair supplier. Our Remy hair comes from a single donor and our profoundly skilled teams and expert personnel handle hairs seal and personally examines each single bunch of hair ahead it’s get transported.

This level of hands-on quality check guarantees that each defect is recognised and discarded immediately before the Remy hair extensions get exported. If you search in the market about the “process” of getting this hair you would not be getting any answer from any wholesale hair vendors, accept us. We want to be fully transparent with you and want to clear every possible question regarding wholesale “Indian hair vendors” and hair collection process. So we are presenting the information concerning our hair collection and sorting method:

  1. The human hair is collected from the donor and brought to the factory which is known as raw hair or unprocessed hair which contains a lot of dust, oil, and Head lice.
  2. The unprocessed hair later retained overnight in huge containers soaked in shampoo mixed water.
  3. The next day the hair moves to different washing process until all dust and oil are entirely eliminated, although head lice don’t come out completely till now.
  4. The hair is then combined with conditioner and kept for 1 hour and rewashed, then transferred for sun drying. If it’s rainy season, we use a hair dryer to dry out the hairs.
  5. The dry hair then assigned for a hackling process where the huge iron nailed comb is used to classify the hair according to measurements i.e. from 6 inches to 50 inches.
  6. The sorted hair then sent for eliminating head lice with the help of wooden comb and basil leaves.
  7. Once hair is free from lice, hair is now ready for the stitching, lace wigs, ponytail extensions, tipped hair, a feather in extensions etc.

Why us:

From the last fifteen years, “Indian hair vendors” a wholesale hair vendor company has been providing woman all across the world with the sensual quality of Indian Remy hair extensions and other commodities such as Lace Wigs, Clip in Extension, Machine Weft, and Ponytail Extension. We pride ourselves as a wholesale virgin hair vendor company by producing and manufacturing the tremendous quality and stylish products which will make you seem spectacular. There are groups of several circumstances that define high-quality hair extensions; as soon as you accept your product from a wholesale hair vendor company you will understand the product quality utterly by touching them. So what makes our Indian Remy hair extensions and wholesale human hair, special from other wholesale human hair vendors?


As our main source to create Indian Remy hair extensions arrives from temple principally, it gives us as a wholesale virgin hair vendor enormous advantage considering the sacrificed hair removed from the scalp and therefore all the cuticles of the hair run in the corresponding way. This removal method is tangle free and the hair remains soft to touch.

The shine:

The greatest point regarding human hair extensions is it resembles natural facing your own hair, opposite the artificial hair extensions which are extremely harmful and not good for the environment too since it’s made from the plastic. Indian hair vendor’s Remy hair extension can effectively reconstruct your look without concerning your health.

The clip: These are the best clip you can encounter in the market right now. Our business as a wholesale hair vendor always emphasis on quality preferably than quantity. We work with silicone tape which will assist to grasp your hair to stop Remy hair extensions from sleeping. Working with silicon present a big advantage as it helps hair by providing a cushioned shield, for this hair gets minimal damage. Silicon usually tailored tightly to the weft to keep them in an exact place.


Indian hair vendor’s constantly seems forward to improve your attractiveness by providing you 100% natural, thickest hair extension on the market. We are offering various type of thickness, depending on what you are trying to achieve. Weft: Depending on what set you choose, our extensions come with the different amount of pieces. Our proficient hair stylists fully explore and experiment with the output so it can be an outstanding match for all head shapes. We tailor the collected hair pretty tightly so we can stop minimal shedding keep them sitting close to your head once clipped in.

In the end, we would like to propose that we have several collections available in diverse lengths – 6 to 50 inches and in several contrasting colours.  Indianhairvendor’s extensions measure anywhere from 100 – 280 grams. Don’t be tricked by different wholesale Indian hair vendors supplier challenging that their Indian Remy hair extensions weigh higher than they truly do. We are leading wholesale hair Vendor Company and our sets are threefold weft, thick from head to base and made with Remy hair. All of our products will give you with a complete head of hair; you will simply require picking the right set to go with the density of your natural hair. Our Indian Remy hair extensions are excellent for a first timer too!

Indian hair vendors premium grade Remy hair extensions, Lace Wigs, Clip in Extension, Machine Weft, Ponytail Extension are as individual as you are. Our extensions are the best hair extensions available internationally. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is thin, short or just normal as a wholesale virgin hair vendor we ensure that our Indian Remy hair extensions give you the texture which is as close as possible to your natural hair to give you the best blend. Indian hair vendors, a profound wholesale hair vendor & manufacturers company promises you that our wigs & Clip in Extension will give you the length and volume you have always wanted.

Want total comfort with your online experience and your new hair? Then give Indian hair vendors a try ahead of the others. For last 15 years as a wholesale human hair exporters, we’ve delivered excellent assistance, information and hair technology to our customers with our industry leading consumer service. Learn a little more about Indian hair vendor and how we can assist you to make you resemble gorgeous with our Indian Remy hair extensions. You can give us a call and get guidance with all your hair replacement and hair damage requirements.