Apply color in your Indian Remy hair extensions!

Oct 23, 2017 / 51 Views

Indian Remy hair extensions aren’t only for adding long, lush length. Here at Indian hair vendor, we have lots of techniques and methods that use extensions for volume, correcting inconsistencies in thickness or length, filling out thinning hair, covering bald spots, and more! Today, we’re going to focus on how you can use extensions from wholesale virgin hair vendors to achieve colour transformations–and, more specifically, how you can use them to recreate this season’s most popular shades!

Colour blending: The exemplary approach to utilize Indian Remy hair extensions in shading/colour changes is to fuse various shades into a solitary/single establishment. This can be as highlights and lowlights (or extensions two stages lighter and two stages darker than the customer’s own hair, individually), or it can be a more subtle, general blend that includes substituting between various shading strands amid placement.This strategy utilizes no color equations or dyes– simply the hair extensions from wholesale virgin hair vendors themselves– and can be utilized to make any number of tones or shades that are not unequivocally offered in our color accumulation. For instance, if your customer is searching for a dim, ruddy dark-colored shade amongst #3R and Red Wine, apply strands of #3R, Red Wine, and #2 to make the desired shading.

Colour formulas: On the off chance that you need a more conclusive takeoff from Indian hair vendor’s set up shading alternatives, you can utilize our color plans. You can accomplish anything: pastel, mermaid, ombre, and the sky is the limit from there. You can even accomplish particular “regular” hues along these lines. Simply make sure to maintain the accompanying standards:

  • Apply the only semi- or demi-permanent colors, as they’re the softest on the hair and expect no developer to prepare.
  • In case you’re meaning to color the customer’s natural hair, as well, do this on a different day in comparison to the installation. We as a wholesale hair vendors prescribe that you shading the Indian Remy hair extensions first with the goal that you can utilize them as a source of perspective when shading your customer’s hair.
  • Endeavour to remain inside 2 shades of the extension’s original shading, and just deposit– never lift shading.
  • Continuously play out a swatch test on an unnoticeable bit of the hair (or on a different swatch of a similar shading) to perceive how the hair takes to the shading.

Color is FUN! But always remember what you doing with your natural or just bought Indian Remy hair extensions. Indian hair vendor is not only just a wholesale hair vendors, we are an institution, where we provide some DIY/ tutorial to experience our product in a more intuitive way. If you need more information, feel free to contact us now!