What is the difference between Remy and non-Remy hair?

Jul 11, 2017 / 32 Views

These days, you can discover such a large number of suppliers or wholesalers of human hair extensions. Here and there we don’t understand which organization supply great quality hair items. In spite of the fact that in the web, each provider asserts their items are the best, however just when you arrange human hair extensions items at that time, you will know precisely nature of hair items.

First, we will perceive what Remy hair is.

Remy hair

Remy hair really describes the nature of hair used to make up the specific extensions. This hair is of the most elevated quality and originates from a single donor, which guarantees consistency in the surface. Additionally, the hair cuticle is in place, in one length. This gives a smooth surface and enables the hair to last more and style more naturally. Please read below article clarifying what Remy hair is.

Remy hair is obtained in a manner in which all hair strands stay arranged in the general direction as it grew, top at the top, and ends at ends, to keep the natural surface pattern and cuticle direction. It is simple for you to comb and washing it. This reduces tangling obstacles generally found in non-Remy or low-quality hair.

Virgin Hair: Virgin hair alludes to hair that is totally natural, and in place. To qualify as virgin hair, it must meet through norms including not been permed, colored, shaded, blanched, and synthetically handled in any capacity. This likewise implies it originates from a single donor, and every one of the cuticle skin is in place, running in a similar direction. Virgin human hair can last up to a year with appropriate care and maintenance; you need to look after your expansions simply like your own regular hair. You have to shampoo and condition your hair frequently, particularly in the event that you utilize a lot of hair items. In the event that you keep up your Brazilian virgin human hair extensions appropriately, you will have smooth, smooth, tangle free lovely normal looking hair for quite a while and will be capable of reusing the hair commonly after. If it’s not too much trouble read blow article clarifying what Virgin hair is.

A few organizations claim to offer 100% Remy hair, however, are blending anywhere between 10-40% Non-Remy hair into their packs. A specialist in human hair can differentiate amongst Remy and Non-Remy hair by touching it. Nonspecialists most likely won’t have the capacity to differentiate by taking a look at it. So, how to know the contrast amongst Remy and Non-Remy hair? also, how to pick Remy hair to purchase?

Non-remy hair is gathered from the floor of temples, salons and different providers. With this sort of accumulation strategy, cuticles skin direction end up plainly blended, causing inescapable shedding, tangling and matting issues. To mask the issues that will emerge with no-remy hair, the hair will experience a procedure once in a while alluded to as an “acid shower”, to totally expel the whole cuticle. This can be comparable to around ten relaxers in series. After the cuticle removal handle, the hair is dunked in silicone to make it shine and to cover any cuticle that was not removed in the acid shower. The silicone adds weight to the hair and increases the selling cost as hair is sold by weight. The hair at first feel sleek and delicate be that as it may, after a couple of washes the silicone covering wears off and the hair feels exceptionally fragile and begins tangling and tangling. Issues will emerge with non-Remy hair after a couple of washes and won’t last past a couple of washes and can’t be reused. Additionally, since the cuticles are stripped and not in place, the hair extensions can’t endure shading treatment or heat.

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