How to implement Indian Remy hair extensions or clip-ins.

Sep 11, 2017 / 54 Views

Many girls have a tendency to pick clip in hair extensions to give their old hair another look. Clip in hair is moderately cheap, and more agreeable to wear, and is more helpful and simple to apply on. Here’s a recommendation that you ‘better pick the human hair clip in, which will normally mix with your own hair. Then again, human hair can be restyled and colored, so you can have more choices on hair style. If you are another client and don’t know how to apply clip in hair extensions, simply continue perusing. Pick the right wavy hair for your hair.

Matching your hair extension with your natural colour: Hair extensions from wholesale hair vendors should match your own hair, this means you should pick the same colour and texture clip-in as your natural hair. Or if you already bought your favourite Indian Remy hair extensions that are not the same style as your hair, such as you chooses hair weave or wavy hair, you can use a curling iron to curl your own hair. If your extensions are straight, then use a flat-iron to straighten your own hair. Remember to use a heat-protecting product to prevent your natural hair from the damage of heat.

Get ready to apply the hair: Utilize a brush or your finger to divide your hair into upper and lower two parts. Tie the best piece of your hair and settled it with a fastener or hair clip. Make beyond any doubt your Indian Remy hair extensions are secured set up and don’t influence the later stages.

Applying your Indian Remy hair extensions: Open the clasps on your extensions. Here are diverse bits of clasp in Indian Remy hair extensions in the market, if your hair extensions are the expensive piece one, you should open it first and set them along the hair-line between the upper and lower two sections hair. If your clasp ins are little pieces, you can connect the one by one, ensuring that you equally proper them along the part in your hair.  Indian hair vendor proposes you use the little bits of the clasp in hair extensions since they are anything but difficult to apply and control.

Final touch: Release the upper area of your hair. Gently settle your normal hair and clip-ins, let them looks more like a whole and more regular.

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